Climate change

What individuals can do

The efforts of each individual are every bit as important as political action for sustainability on the national and international stage.

We can each take responsibility for doing what we can to rethink our behaviour and making day-to-day decisions for a sustainable lifestyle and society.

These tools can help you better understand the environmental impact of your day-to-day lifestyle and where you can make positive changes:

  • UN carbon footprint calculator
  • Giki Zero is an online step by step guide to a lighter footprint on the planet. It will help you discover your footprint, find steps to reduce it and celebrate your successes.

Reduce your energy use and bills

Get free and impartial energy saving advice from the national, Government endorsed Simple Energy Advice service on 0800 444202 (freephone helpline). The Energy Savings Trust also provide information and resources to help make your home more energy efficient, reduce your carbon emissions and lower your energy bills.

Warm and Safe Wiltshire on 0800 038 5722 (freephone helpline), offers all residents across Swindon free and impartial energy saving advice, especially those who may be struggling with their fuel bills or keeping warm in their homes.

There’s often a few very easy things you can do to cut your energy use straight away, and without spending lots of money.

Here are some further resources:

Switch to a green energy tariff

Switching energy supply to a green tariff is a great way to invest in renewable energy sources and could save you money on bills too. 

  • Green energy provides the five need-to-knows from MoneySavingExpert, which is the UK's biggest consumer website.

Leave the car at home

Active travel is all about getting you moving from A to B in ways that don’t use fossil fuels. Active travel not only improves your health and wellbeing, but helps reduce your carbon footprint and can save you money:

Invest your money responsibly

Find out where your money goes. Voice your concerns about responsible investment by writing to your bank or pension provider, and ask if you can opt out of funds investing in fossil fuels. There are also a number of ‘ethical banks’ you can investigate: 

More information, tools and resources

Get inspired and inspire others

Have you got any climate change success stories you want to share with your community to help inspire and motivate others?

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