Anti-social behaviour

ASB case review

Victims of persistent ASB can request a review of their case if they believe more can be done by relevant agencies to tackle the issues reported.  

This is called an ASB case review. A case review cannot be used to make a complaint or report new incidents of ASB.  

If you are Swindon-based resident, business, community group or individual acting on behalf of another person with their consent, you can request an ASB case review using the form below.  

If you're raising the incident of ASB for the first time, you should report ASB instead of raising a case review.

How to request an ASB case review

Your request must meet the following threshold to proceed to a case review:

There must be three or more separate, qualifying reports of ASB made to the police, council or housing provider in the past six months. Each incident must have been reported within one month of it taking place.

If this threshold is not met, a formal ASB case review will not take place, but the relevant agencies may review the case to determine any further actions that may help resolve the matter.

Request an ASB case review

Please note: If you are unable to complete our online form, please contact us. An application can be emailed or posted to you. Customers with accessibility needs will also be accommodated.  

What happens next?

We will keep the requester informed at every stage of the process. After receiving an application, the community safety team will aim to:  

  • acknowledge the request within three working days 
  • notify the requester within ten working days if the threshold has been met 

If the threshold is met, we will:

  • hold a case review within 15 working days 
  • give the requester the opportunity to speak at the case review, if appropriate 
  • provide the requester with clear outcomes of any case review and regular updates on progress of any actions agreed at the case review 

ASB case reviews 2023-24 

ASB case review legislation states that relevant bodies must publish information about all ASB case reviews. 

The content below shows details of the case reviews requested in Swindon between March 2023 and March 2024.

  • Number of ASB case review applications received - 5
  • Number of times the ASB case review threshold was not met - 2
  • Number of ASB case reviews carried out - 3
  • Number of ASB case reviews resulting in recommendations - 3

ASB case reviews 2022-23 

The council is required to publish annual data for ASB case reviews.

There were no case review requests received between April 2022 and March 2023.

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