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Affordable warmth

Affordable Warmth in very simple terms is about being able to keep your home adequately warm. When households cannot keep their homes adequately warm they are described as being in fuel poverty.

Fuel poverty usually results from a combination of three factors:

  • Poor energy efficiency
  • Low household income
  • Unaffordable energy costs

Under-heating a property can contribute to poor health outcomes, especially for people with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, mobility problems, and mental health problems.  People can also become isolated by not inviting people round to their cold homes, and children’s education can be affected by not being able to concentrate on homework if having to congregate in one heated room.

Swindon Borough Council and its partners have developed the Swindon Affordable Warmth Strategy which shows details of fuel poverty both nationally and in Swindon, along with the co-operative approaches being taken to deal with fuel poverty locally. This strategy, along with the accompanying action plan, can be viewed below:

For more information on fuel poverty, the National Energy Action website provides information on the national charity seeking to end fuel poverty.

Help and assistance for dealing with fuel poverty can be found on the Home Energy Efficiency webpages

Alternatively, contact:

David Miles
Affordable Warmth Coordinator
Tel: 01793 463679

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