Report overgrown branches or vegetation

Problems related to overgrown vegetation, such as bushes and hedges, growing from private land onto a public footpath or highway can be reported to us.  We usually give the owner an opportunity to prune back the vegetation.  If they do not respond we may serve a notice on the owner of the land to cut back the vegetation or remove it.

We do not deal with vegetation that is overgrowing onto private land. This is a civil matter and your solicitor can provide further advice or assistance.

Report a problem

To help us give the highest priority to the most urgent issues when reporting a problem please indicate:

  • The road, footpath or pavement etc that is affected
  • Where the problem is located (i.e. outside House No.25)

Report a problem with overgrown vegetation online

Response times

Problems which require prompt attention because they represent an immediate or imminent risk to the public are assessed and inspected within 24 hours.

Problems of a less severe nature are inspected within 10 working days.

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