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What is a camera car?

A camera car is a vehicle fitted with a camera and automatic number plate recognition technology that can quickly issue vehicles tickets (Penalty Charge Notice) for parking in contravention to a restriction. The Camera car can also check Vehicle registrations against a permitted vehicle list, an example - residents with a valid permit. It also can provide assistance in other highways activities.

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What is the camera car used for?

The camera car is used to improve road safety and to promote the use of more sustainable transport modes.

Parking in contravention outside of schools puts both road and pavement users at risk. It is an issue consistently raised by teachers, parents and local residents, but with the high number of schools throughout Swindon Borough Council, it is very difficult to enforce. The camera car uses CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition to quickly detect offences and offenders, issuing them with a Penalty Charge Notice. This will create a safer environment around the school which will encourage sustainable transport methods such as walking and cycling to school.

Why we are introducing a camera car

We have a duty to tackle illegal parking and protect public safety. As part of our activities to reduce illegal parking we can now use an enforcement camera car.

The car will be used to enforce school ‘keep clear’ zigzag markings by issuing regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notices. Regulation 10 Penalty Charge Notices are issued by post rather than attached to the vehicle or handed to the driver.

The Camera car is also a tool to provide a better service to residents. It will enable the team to monitor more streets in the same period of time. The car will not automatically issue tickets as it drives through resident zones. It will however identify the vehicles which do not have a valid permit. An officer will then physically check the vehicles identified before any parking tickets are issued as the driver may have a valid visitor scratch card or blue badge.

Parking enforcement camera


How Penalty Charge Notices are issued

All evidence packs created by the vehicle are reviewed by a parking enforcement officer, to ensure a contravention has taken place. The system then will send for the registered keeper details, so that a Penalty Charge Notice can be issued. If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice, you will be sent a web link to see evidence of the contravention.

Any revenue generated from the camera enforcement car, or any of our parking enforcement activities is used to fund the parking enforcement service. If there are any additional funds, central government has a clear policy that this must be used for transport initiatives.

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