Important notice: Voter registration letters

We have been made aware that some of our residents have been sent a letter by mistake in relation to their voter registration. If you have received a letter, click below for information.

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Pay camera enforcement fines

To pay for a camera enforcement fine or a bus lane fine, you will need the following:

  • The Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) number
  • The vehicle registration number

Pay a penalty charge notice online

If you pay for a bus lane fine within 14 days you pay the lower amount shown on the PCN.

If you pay for a camera enforcement fine within 21 days, you pay the lower amount shown on the PCN.

Other ways to pay your camera enforcement fine

You can telephone us by calling: 01793 464600 (24 hour)

Challenge a camera enforcement or bus lane fine

If you wish to challenge your Penalty Charge Notice, see the Appeal Against a penalty charge notice webpage. You should do this within the first 14 days.


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