Unscheduled school closures

From time to time schools may have to close for unforeseen circumstances. For example, closures caused by adverse weather, during periods of industrial action or where there is a potential impact involving health and safety issues.

Unfortunately, because such situations vary by school it is not always possible to identify which schools are affected and to what extent. Similarly, where the situation is subject to change, an assessment and evaluation of the situation may need to take place before information can be released. For these reasons it is important that parents and guardians check directly with the school to ascertain the latest known position.

School contact details 

The contact details for all schools in Swindon (including contact details for 'academy schools' and other schools not under local authority control) are available on the schools contact pages. These details also include links to the schools' own websites.

Other sources of information

Other useful sources of information that can provide the latest known details are local media and radio. Parents are advised to tune into local radio channels or to check on their websites.

Local radio

Local newspaper

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