Swindon town centre regeneration

Swindon town centre vision

Swindon is one of the UK’s fastest growing towns. It boasts one of most productive economy in the UK and consistently ranks in the top 5 for delivery of new homes.

With excellent transport links, Swindon is 50 minutes from London by train and within an hour of Heathrow and Bristol airports. It is also home to a wealth of national and global businesses.

Our housing plans are predicted to raise the town's population to 265,000 by 2031. To support this growth, the town centre is undergoing an ambitious transformation programme which includes additional employment, residential, retail and leisure opportunities.

Supporting growth through regeneration

A thriving economy is important, not just for Swindon’s businesses but also for our residents who are hardworking and resourceful. The quality of the borough’s housing, environment and its connectivity are catalysts for future growth and regeneration of the borough.

We intend to use Swindon’s excellent location and connectivity, comparative cost advantages, nationally important business clusters and ambitious town centre regeneration programme to drive economic growth and prosperity, whilst preserving Swindon’s unique heritage.

The vision

We are delivering a diverse range of projects in our town centre that will make Swindon a great place to live, work and visit. These improvements making Swindon town centre a smart choice as a place in which to invest.

We have a vision for a town centre that is easy to get to, celebrates its heritage and culture and drives our economy.

Visit our Swindon town centre projects webpage to see how we are supporting this vision with a range of regeneration projects.

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