Swindon Equality Coalition

The Swindon Equality Coalition is a network of groups and people who are interested in making equality reality in Swindon.  

It has a role in challenging our partners about how they make decisions and deliver service from an equality perspective. The Equality Coalition also provides a way to have an on-going conversation about equality with Swindon people.

Voluntary Action Swindon (VAS) is committed to advancing equality and inclusion in Swindon. To do this, we work closely with Swindon Borough Council (SBC), organisation partners and across the local voluntary sector to build networks, raise awareness, and act where needed.

Reaching out to and engaging with diverse groups and people in Swindon is something we are often asked about. View the Swindon Equality Coalition community consultation considerations.

As well as setting our own agenda, we are commissioned by SBC to provide advice and support to help the council deliver its equality and inclusion duties.

To find out more, contact equality@vas-swindon.org or visit Voluntary Action Swindon.

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