Apply for a hackney carriage or private hire licence

Apply for a new hackney carriage or private hire drivers licence

You need a licence to drive a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle.

A driver licence is valid for one year on first application and three years upon renewal.

There are three stages in the application process for getting a new driver licence.

At each stage, you are required to produce documents and pay a part of the application fee.

The whole process will take up to six weeks, assuming you pass your assessments and have all your documents ready.

We recommend that you read the drivers licence handbook before starting your application.

The English language test assesses your ability to speak, read and understand English. The Swindon knowledge test assesses your knowledge of areas and streets in the borough.

The assessment takes 120 minutes and takes place at the council offices. You are required to bring your driving licence, passport or resident permit to prove your identity on the day of your assessment. 

Further to this, you are required to prove your right to work status in the UK. Information on which documents to bring is available on the Government website.

After the assessment, you will receive your results by e-mail within one working day. 

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Once you have passed your english and knowledge tests, you will be sent an email asking you to carry out several pre-application checks.

These will include:

  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and DVLA checks
    • Register and pay for DBS and DVLA checks with TaxiPlus
    • Register for the update service in the deadline specified by the DBS. Failure to register for the update service will require a six-monthly DBS check at an additional cost.
  • Safeguarding training
    • Complete a safeguarding training session hosted by Trust2Ride. This two-hour session will provide drivers with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and the public. It will cover the following five modules:
      • Child sexual exploitation
      • Human trafficking
      • Recognising indicators and types of abuse
      • Driver and passenger safety
      • Best safeguarding practices
  • Driving and skills assessment
    • Book a driving and skills assessment with Blue Lamp Trust. The assessment takes 45 minutes. You will need to take your driving licence and current vehicle insurance certificate on the day of your assessment.
  • Medical examination
    • Book a driver medical appointment. This can be done through D4Drivers or a GP/doctor who has your full medical history available to them. You should visit the medical fitness information page to access the medical form.

Once you have completed the pre-application checks listed in Stage two, you will be asked to submit and pay for your application.

In order to proceed, you need to provide the following:

  • your DBS update service reference number
  • a copy of your DBS certificate
  • a copy of your safeguarding training certificate
  • a copy of your taxi assessment certificate
  • a copy of your completed D4 medical form
  • a passport style photograph

Next steps

After your application has been submitted and approved, we will send you an email asking you to sign a declaration.

Once your declaration has been signed, we will send your licence in five working days.

Licence fees

  • English and knowledge test - £110
  • TaxiPlus safeguarding training - £36
  • Blue Lamp Trust driving assessment - £87
  • TaxiPlus DBS check – £53
  • TaxiPlus DBS update service checks - £6 plus VAT, per year
  • TaxiPlus DVLA checks - £12 plus VAT, per year
  • New driver application - £110

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