Licensed premises for animals

Where permission is granted by the license holder, we will maintain a list of animal activity licenses issued including their ratings.
This is a list of business who have granted permission to publish their details.
All licensees must legally display a copy of their licence at the premises and include their licence number on their websites.
If a premises is not listed here, and you are not certain if it is licensed or if it requires a licence, contact us at: with the full details.
A key part of Animal Activity Licences relates to the “star rating” which is awarded as part of a risk-based system of inspection. This system is used to determine the time length of the licence issued and the star rating awarded.
The star ratings range from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the standard of the business, the longer the licence will be issued. This can be between one to three years.
The star rating of businesses considers both the welfare standards as well as the level of risk, based on elements of past performance and/or compliance.

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