Medical fitness information

This page provides instructions on how to seek an assessment and how to supply the council with a valid medical assessment form.

The Licensing Authority’s current medical requirement is summarised as follows:

  • Applicants shall demonstrate that they have satisfied the medical standard as specified by the Licensing Authority
  • Applicants shall supply a Council medical examination report completed by their own GP, or other doctor who holds full medical history within 4 months from the date of examination
  • This medical examination report will be provided on the Licensing Authority specified form
  • A completed medical examination report must be provided by new applicants
  • Existing drivers must supply a medical examination report as follows:
    • Every three years from the age of 47
    • Annually from the age of 65

The medical form below needs to be completed by your doctor during your medical appointment:

Book a medical assessment

This can be done through D4Drivers or a GP/Doctor who has your full medical history available to them.

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