Library services for teenagers

Joining the Teenage library is free. If you are aged 12 or above and have a Citizencard, then you can join as a member of the library using that as proof of identity. A letter will then be sent to your parents/guardian to confirm this is ok.

If you don't have a Citizencard, then you will need to bring proof of identity to the library - please see our Join the library webpage for details. The membership card will then be sent to you.

If you are 16 or over, then please bring an official ID with your name and address on it and you will receive a card straight away.


All our libraries have teen areas but you can really chill out and relax in our Headspace areas at the North Swindon and Central Libraries – especially designed by teenagers for teenagers.

Other Facilities

  • Graphic novels and magazines
  • Free computer time

Swindon libraries and information service is an Arts Award supporter

Swindon Libraries and Information Service is an Arts Award Supporter. We support Arts Award, a national arts qualification inspiring young people to develop creative and leadership skills. We offer a range of opportunities to help those taking part in bronze and silver Arts Awards.

If you are already doing your Arts Award, all our libraries can be a resource for research. Some libraries hold events and provide exhibition space.

As a Supporter, we offer the following to young people completing their Arts Award:

  • Access to quality information about artists and arts professionals – we have a great collection of books about art, theatre and dance, as well as access to online reference resources via our 24 hour library. 
  • A variety of arts and cultural events to attend
  • The chance to share your favourite writers by attending a book group
  • Volunteering opportunities for 14+ with the Summer Reading Challenge

If you are running or participating in Arts Award and have any ideas for projects,  or would simply like to find out more about how we can support you,

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