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Treating dampness and mould

Dampness is a major problem in houses and flats. It can cause mould on walls and rot the furniture. It also increases the risk of respiratory problems.

Damp can happen because of:

  • condensation
  • lack of heating
  • poor ventilation
  • leakage of water

Preventing dampness

You can follow simple measures to prevent dampness in your house:

  • Use dehumidifiers
  • Open windows to increase ventilation
  • Wipe off window sills to keep them dry
  • Ventilate wardrobe and cupboards
  • Clean chimney and extractor fans
  • Insulate the loft
  • Turn on low background heating
  • Cover pans while cooking
  • Dry clothes outdoors
  • Keep bathroom door closed
  • Install secondary or double glazed windows
  • Leave space between the wardrobe and the wall so that air can circulate

Treating mould-affected areas

Watch this video to learn how to treat mould-affected areas.

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