Dampness and mould growth

Dampness and mould growth in dwellings is a common problem, especially in older buildings. It is now known that living in damp conditions, or in an atmosphere contaminated with mould spores has negative health impacts. This is especially so for the very young, the elderly, or those with respiratory conditions.

Dampness can result from structural defects in the building, resulting in water penetrating walls, or rising up from below ground. Rising and Penetrating damp require structural works to remedy the cause(s), and it takes time for the fabric to dry out after remedial works have been carried out. Dampness due to condensation can be a product of structural defects, but is often a result of the activities of the occupants and the moisture produced by them, or indeed a combination of these factors.

Swindon Borough Council have produced a leaflet containing advice on how to identify the types of dampness, and how to help control the potential impact of condensation. You can view and download the leaflet below:

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