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Noise that unreasonably and significantly interferes with the legitimate use of your property (whether rented or owned), may be classified as a 'statutory nuisance'. However, the council can only intervene in the most serious noise issues, and in certain circumstances.

If you are suffering an extreme, one-off disturbance, very late at night between midnight and 7.00am, such as a loud party, please report this to our 24 hour Control Room on 01793 466453. Our Control Room monitor all incoming calls of this type, can advise you appropriately and can access out of hours services in the most serious cases.

If you wish to report a noise disturbance coming from a licensed event such as a festival or concert in a public park or space, please also call us on 01793 466453.

A certain amount of noise is normal:

  • if you live in a home which is connected to or close to another building or dwelling, you may hear your neighbour and those close to you at times, just as they will hear you 
  • dogs inevitably bark and only in exceptional circumstances can we intervene
  • building or other works inevitably cause some noise and disturbance for a period, and are often permitted to do so by their planning consent
  • business premises will inevitably generate noise in the normal course of their business. This may be permitted or limited by planning or other consents  
  • pubs and clubs may be allowed to play music late at night and this will be controlled by their premises licence and planning consents 

The laws around the emission of noise are very complex. In general though, if excessive and intrusive noise is regularly being emitted at unsocial hours (between 11.00pm and 7.00am for instance), we may be able to intervene in exceptional cases, even if planning or other consents or licences exist. Please note however that there are some noise types which we cannot act on:

These include:

  • General environmental noise without a clear source
  • Noise from children playing
  • Noise from normal daily activities such as footfall, or doors slamming
  • Road or aircraft noise

What the noise is, and where it is coming from will determine which part of the Council investigates the matter however, in all cases we will expect you to have tried to resolve the issue yourselves by speaking or writing to the person/business. We will also always expect you to complete diary sheets and a statement before we consider the case, to ensure that we have a good understanding of the problem.

A set of diary sheets, a pro-forma note to use when writing to the person/business and an information pack to record your issues are available to download below. You will need to complete the relevant details before getting in touch with the council:       

Please note we will copy parts of the information you supply in your diary sheets to the person/business you allege is disturbing you. In appropriate cases, your case will be assigned to an Environmental Health Officer, and we may investigate further by using noise monitoring and recording equipment installed in your home.  

In a small number of the worst cases, we can ultimately serve a formal ‘Abatement’ Notice, seize equipment, and/or prosecute the perpetrator. However, such investigations will inevitably take a number of weeks or months to complete.

If you have already tried to resolve this issue with the person/business and you have completed diary sheets detailing the problem for a period of three weeks, please complete the following form and ensure you upload your completed documents: 

Report a noise nuisance online

If you have provided a completed diary sheet pack and confirmed that you have attempted to resolve the issue with your neighbour directly, we will be in touch within 5 working days.  

If you do not upload the required documents, you will be automatically reminded by email after 3 weeks to do so, and your case will be automatically closed after 6 weeks if we do not hear from you with completed documents.

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