Overview and scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny is a fundamental part of a local authority's political structure and it is very similar to the select committee process that operates in Parliament.

The Overview and Scrutiny process is carried out on behalf of the people of Swindon, by Councillors, together with experts with specialist knowledge, stakeholders and other interested parties.

This is done by:

  • challenging the performance of service providers to raise standards, and ensuring that services meet people's needs
  • holding the Council's decision makers to account
  • examining issues which affect the well-being of the people of Swindon

Get involved in improving Swindon

You can get involved in the Overview and Scrutiny process in two ways by:

  • suggesting a topic that you believe needs investigating
  • becoming part of an investigation itself

Further information

More details about the democratic and scrutiny process is available on the following websites:

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