Homeline +

Homeline+ is an advanced range of solutions designed to provide you with enhanced support to promote your continued independent living. The equipment includes further fall solutions, environmental solutions, such as bed or chair monitors, medication management, epilepsy sensors and wandering alerts.

How much does it cost?

For reassurance and security, Homeline and Homeline+ are very inexpensive options. 

  • Homeline: The Homeline service costs £36.60 a month 
  • Homeline+: The cost of Homeline+ depends on the level of support needed. However, it would cost no more than £20.29 per week. The exact requirements and cost are discussed and agreed during an assessment of your specific needs and the bands are as follows:
    • Band 1 £16.07 per week
    • Band 2 £17.89 per week
    • Band 3 £20.29 per week

Installing an alarm unit in your home 

Connecting up the alarm unit is simple, it is connected to your landline telephone and is plugged into an electrical socket.

 Suitable key availability is arranged prior to installation. At least two key holders or key safe details are required. If needed, we can provide details of how to buy and set up a key safe. A key safe allows us to gain immediate access during emergency situations.

Contact us for details

If you think Homeline or Homeline+ could help you, or you have a friend or relative who would benefit from the support the service can provide, please contact us by:

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