Who it is for

Homeline and Homeline+ are our home response unit. They are operated by a team of experienced, professional Homeline Response Officers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are award winning, telephone community alarm systems designed to assist elderly and vulnerable people that live in the community.

Our response officers are first aid trained. We have lifting cushions and hoists in our Homeline vehicles along with other equipment to assist our service users. We are also are trained in the use of defibrillators; one of which is carried in each of our emergency response vehicles.

Homeline is for older people, and younger people with disabilities, who rely on our service to assist them in living independently - safe in the knowledge that they can summon help should an emergency situation arise. 

The service is available to all residents living in the borough of Swindon who need assistance living independently. 

How it works 

We install an alarm unit in your home, which is supplied with a pendant or wrist-strap alarm activator. In the event of an emergency you simply press the button on your pendant or alarm unit and our control centre is automatically alerted that you need help and one of the experienced operators will talk to you via the alarm unit.

Should it be necessary they will also summon assistance to help you with the situation. 

When you should summon assistance 

The alarm is to be used for emergencies only, for example: 

  • if you have a fall or have an accident
  • a sudden illness or deterioration of a long term medical condition 
  • where you are unable to use a phone to contact a doctor or the emergency services

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