Care and support for adults in Swindon

Getting in contact to discuss your needs

We are happy to contact the person needing help or somebody else acting on their behalf (for example, a carer or family member).

Please note - Paying for social care

It's important to understand that social care from any local authority, unlike the NHS, is not free. Please read more about what you might need to pay and make sure you're comfortable with this before contacting us.

If you’re referring somebody else, you will need have the person’s consent first. If the person has not provided this, we will not be able to progress the referral. You will need to provide a way for us to contact you and the person you are referring.

Make sure you’re a Swindon resident

Before you contact us, you should make sure the person being referred lives in the Swindon Borough Council local authority area.

You can check which council area the address is in before you contact us.

How to contact us

You should contact us by phone.

What we’ll do

We will ask you to tell us a little about yourself and what you might need support with.

We will then arrange a call with a practitioner to have a conversation about:

Part of the aim of a care assessment is to see if you are eligible to receive services from us.

See: Adult care: Eligibility for help

If you are eligible for care and support from us, we will prepare a care and support plan.

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