Care leavers: Access your records

How do I access my records?

You have the right to see information that we keep about you, including the files and records written about you when you were in care.

If you would like to see your files, you can:

You will also need to provide proof of:

  • ID (driving licence/passport)
  • address – this can be a photocopy/picture emailed to us.

Normally it will take one month but it may take longer, (up to a further two months if there are many files).

You can only see your own information. Any information about other people will be blocked out.

Your Pathway Advisor (PA) can help you with this if you would like them to. Someone should be assigned to help you go through your files if you feel this is necessary.

We will help you gain important identification documents before your 18th birthday such as:

  • a birth certificate
  • a passport
  • a provisional driving licence.

We will provide support and sign post you to organisations that can provide support around any issues such as: religion, sexuality, gender or culture.

How do I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint about any part of Children’s Services and Community Health services via our complain, comment or compliment children and adults services page.

Alternatively you could contact:

The Complaints Manager
Children, Families and Community Health
Swindon Borough Council
Wat Tyler West (Ground)
Beckhampton Street

Tel: 01793 463302

We also advise you to contact the team manager for the Positive Futures team directly on 01793 466981 and let them respond to your complaint directly.

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