Unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees

Every care experienced young person is unique and has had different experiences. This means each young person will need different support. As a refugee or asylum seeker, you may need different support to help you feel safe and reach your goals. You are entitled to the same support as all care experienced young people.

How can my Pathway Advisor support me?

You can decide with your PA how often and in what way you would like to contact them in your Pathway Plan. They will make sure you have all the support you are entitled to such as having translators within your meetings, if you need one.

Your Pathway Advisor is also able to:

  • attend any meetings you have with your solicitor
  • be your appropriate adult in meetings
  • go to your appointments with you
  • help you apply for your biometric identification card
  • help you apply for your Application Registration Card, or ARC Card (a plastic card, which can be applied for once you have claimed asylum. It includes details of your identity, including whether you are entitled to work, or claim benefits in the UK)
  • help you apply for travel documents like a passport
  • help you apply for a provisional driving licence

If you have leave to remain, your Pathway Advisor can support you to make your application to extend your leave to remain. Positive Futures cannot pay for the cost of your application so your Pathway Advisor will speak with you before in advance to recommend you save money for your application.

What support is available to me in Swindon?

What other support is available to me?

  • Migrant Children’s Project is a free advice service offering free and confidential advice on the rights of migrant children and young people, including children who are separated from their families and those in families. Email: mcpadvice@coramclc.org.uk.
  • Refugee Council lists the support available to children and young people across the UK
  • Asylum Support Tribunal considers appeals against decisions made by the UK Border Agency and is independent of the Government. Call 020 75386171 for further information.

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