Direct payments for carers

Direct payments are cash payments made directly to you, instead of the council arranging and providing services for you. You can use the direct payment to purchase the support you need.

If you have had a carer's assessment and have been offered support as a carer, you may be able to receive a direct payment.

Eligibility for a direct payment

You may be eligible to a direct payment if you are:

  • an unpaid carer, over 18 years of age, who cares for someone on a regular and substantial basis
  • a young person aged 16 or 17 who provides a substantial amount of care for someone aged 18 or over

The person you care for does not need to have direct payments or even be receiving services from us in order for you to have a carer's direct payment. However, they must be eligible to receive services if they were to be assessed.

The direct payment must only be used to meet your own needs, not to provide additional services for the person you're caring for.

If the person you care for is eligible for services, they may be able to have their own direct payment so that they can arrange and pay for their own services directly.

Getting support from Developing Health and Independence (DHI)

We work in partnership with DHI.

You can contact them on 01793 495372.

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