Adult care: Accessing your social care records

We rely on receiving and sharing information so that we can look at your social care needs. This means we can then discuss with you the services that are available to meet them.

We do understand that some people are sensitive about giving even the most basic information about themselves. We may also be given information about you by someone else, such as a member of your family or your doctor. We know that you quite rightly expect any information provided to be treated as confidential and we respect that.

Information we keep

The type of information we keep include basic details like your:

  • name
  • address
  • date of birth

Depending on the service we provide, we may also need to keep more personal or sensitive information like your:

  • personal circumstances
  • health and lifestyle
  • financial situation

We will also keep a record of:

  • meetings with you and others
  • any decisions made
  • any services provided

Sometimes these records are kept in paper files, or they could be held within our computer systems. Your records are always treated with appropriate confidentiality and security. They will only be accessed by people who need to see them to assess your needs or provide you with a service.

We may also share your information with organisations listed on our Adult Social Care Privacy Notice or any other service-related Privacy Notice provided to you when your information was collected or given. Our corporate Privacy Notices also advise you how long we need to keep your records to meet our service, regulatory or lawful obligation needs.

Seeing your records

If you wish, you are entitled to make a Subject Access Request to view your records.

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