Make a Subject Access Request to see your personal information

Important notice:

If you’ve made a Freedom of Information request from a public body or made a subject access request (SAR) for your own information, you should expect delays in response. That’s because organisations are diverting their resources to help with other challenges.

You can make Subject Access Request (SAR) to find out what data we hold about you and how it is used. Our Data Protection Officer is responsible for dealing with all formal requests for access to personal information. You can express an interest to see your personal information to any council officer, or directly to the Data Protection Officer.

What you need to do

You can either:

  • make your request by post or email using a downloadable paper form (contact details at the bottom of the page)
  • make your request online

If you're making a request by post or email, make sure you make it clear that you are making a request to see your personal information under Data Protection Subject Access. This will help us to make sure we act promptly and follow the appropriate procedures.

If you cannot, or do not wish, to make a request yourself, you can ask someone else to make the request. on your behalf, This 'agent' might be a parent or solicitor, for example. They will need to complete an agent authorisation form.

Make a Subject Access Request

Full guidance about making a SAR can be viewed in the Data Protection Subject Access Requests (SAR) Privacy Notice

What happens next 

After we receive your request, including proofs of identity and address, we will normally respond with a copy of the requested information within one calendar month. 

The law does allow us to extend the response deadline by a further two months where a request is particularly large or complex. However, we will always make every attempt to provide information as quickly as possible.

Contact details

Send your completed form(s) and proofs of identity and address to

Or by post to:

Data Protection Officer
Swindon Borough Council
Civic Offices
Euclid Street

Further guidance

You can find further guidance about making a Subject Access Request at the Information Commissioner’s Office website.

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