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Streets and spaces

Image showing westerly view down Station Road, Swindon

We will be carrying out work on London Street, Sheppard Street, Bristol Street tunnel and Sheppard Street tunnel.

The purpose of this scheme is to widen the pavement on the north side of the road, installing trees into the pavement on the north side of London Street and into some of the parking spaces on Sheppard Street.  

A new Pocket Park will also be installed at the south entrance to the Sheppard Street tunnel. 

There are works happening in the Bristol Street and Sheppard Street tunnels where the lighting and drainage will be improved and a new creative lighting design for the Sheppard street tunnel will be installed. The road will then also be resurfaced to complete the project.

These improvements are due to start on the 25 September 2023 and will last until early 2024. 

The works will be carried out by Fergal Contracting Co. Ltd. and supervised by Swindon Borough Council. 


In order for the works to be completed and to keep the road open, residents who use the parking bays on London Street will be provided with suitable parking in the Bristol Street car park when the parking bays are not available. Additional signage will be available to confirm when the parking bays are unavailable.

Image showing view of London Street, Swindon with parked cars

Where can we see the plans?

We previously consulted on plans for the works and residents and local businesses are invited to view these site plans  in The Bakers, Emlyn Square, Swindon between 11.00am and 1.00pm on Wednesday, 13 September and Wednesday, 20 September.

We will also be holding an information event at The Bakers for local residents and businesses on Wednesday, 20 September between 4.00pm and 6.00pm.

Will you be closing the roads or the tunnels?

The aim is to keep the disruption of traffic and pedestrians to a minimum. The roads will remain open until the very end of the project when we will need to resurface the carriageway.

The work will be completed at night so the roads can remain open during the day.

We are also planning to carry out works in the Bristol Street tunnel over night, when the tunnel is closed. This will ensure there are no problems for pedestrians using the tunnel during the daytime. 

How is this being funded?

The works will be funded form the following sources: 

  • £3million has been awarded from the Towns Fund
  • A further £94,000 will be used from Section 106 developer contributions

Further information

If you have any questions about the project, email

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