Connecting to communities and volunteering

Swindon Circles Community Participation

Swindon Circles befriending is focused on mobilising the capacity of local people to build networks and connections in order to reduce loneliness and isolation. The service is not designed to replace care services, but instead, add value through companionship, community participation and new networks. There are a number of projects within Swindon Circles which nurture community connection and participation.


Swindon Circles is a befriending scheme designed to alleviate loneliness and improve the wellbeing of our most isolated residents.

At the centre of Swindon Circles are our wonderful volunteers. The team have many volunteering opportunities and offer a flexible and inclusive approach. We are committed to making sure our volunteers feel part of the team, are clear on their role and are continuously supported through training and supervision.

You can volunteer to visit someone face to face, contact them by phone or write to them through our pen pal scheme.

Volunteering is an excellent way to improve your wellbeing and Swindon Circles offers individually tailored opportunities that will allow the volunteer to grow, gain confidence, feel purposeful, connected and help others.

We welcome volunteers whatever skills and experience they bring.

Volunteers are required to provide two references and undergo a DBS check before they can begin volunteering. Our volunteering opportunities are restricted to those aged 16 or over.

Local Heroes

Our Local Heroes programme is a flexible way of volunteering to meet the needs of people who experience loneliness and/or isolation and have no other means of support. Volunteers give small amounts of time to people who may need one off assistance, on an ad-hoc basis to complete small practical tasks. This might be some shopping, light gardening or walking a dog.

Active and Inclusive

We promote a range of weekly activities suitable for all needs and ability levels. Physical activity is great for everyone’s health and wellbeing and volunteers help with various activities, including our Wheels 4 All cycling sessions.

Forget Me Not Cakes

Our Forget Me Not Bakers bake birthday cakes for Swindon residents who normally have no-one to celebrate their birthday or could do with a bit of extra support and positivity. We bake for our most isolated residents, residents of some of our homeless hostels and some residents with learning difficulties. If you love baking cakes, this will be for you.

The Swindon Big Knit

You can join our many Swindon big knitters and crochet volunteers. They make wonderful hand crafted items for residents, from knitting squares to making blankets for the homeless, as well as hats and scarves, gloves and baby clothes.

Swindon Cancer Champions

Our Swindon Cancer Champion Project focuses on increasing early diagnosis of cancer by improving the uptake of the three national cancer screening programs. There is particular focus on areas in Swindon with the lowest uptake rates.

The project plays an important role in sharing vital messages about the bowel, breast and cervical screening programs and promoting general cancer awareness.

Further information on volunteering

To find out more about any of the above volunteer opportunities, contact or call Live Well, Swindon on 01793 465513.

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