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Mannington roundabout is a key intersection in Swindon’s strategic road network, connecting the M4 Junction 16 to the town centre and beyond. Due to the increase in traffic on Swindon’s roads this junction has, over the years, become heavily congested at peak times.

Funding has been secured from the Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership to develop a scheme aimed at alleviating the congestion and improving conditions for those using the roundabout. This project is part of a package of measures totalling £3.2 million which will deliver a Quality Bus Corridor from Wichelstowe to the town centre, providing more reliable journey times.

Phase 1 - complete

Work on the scheme began in February 2018 with the successful removal of the Wootton Bassett Road bus lane between Mannington Roundabout and the railway bridge. This was done overnight in order to minimise disruption to traffic and the new layout on Wootton Bassett Road is working well. Some vegetation has also been cleared by the Mannington Retail Park which had to be completed before bird nesting season began in March. 

Phase 2 – complete

The work on Tewkesbury Way was completed in July 2018 and involved the removal of the physical traffic island and shortening of the bus lane in order to extend the 3 lane approach Mannington Roundabout, providing more queuing space. 

We have since removed the lane arrow markings approaching the roundabout from Tewkesbury Way following feedback from members of the public. This appears to have addressed concerns making the flow of traffic more efficient.

Phase 3 – substantially complete

This phase seeks to improve the traffic flow from Great Western Way B4006 into Wootton Bassett Road (by the Fish Brothers garage). 

The main construction for this phase of the project began on Wootton Bassett Road where the road was widened to create another lane for traffic coming off of the roundabout.

We then moved on to widen the road as follows:

  • In front of the Fish Brothers garage (from Great Western Way B4006 to Wootton Bassett Road A3102)
  • The central reservation of Great Western Way B4006 southbound
  • On the central roundabout island (opposite the Fish Brothers garage) 

The whole north eastern quadrant of the roundabout, including all the areas alongside the new kerb lines, have been successfully resurfaced and were relined overnight at the end of November. The entire roundabout was also given a full road marking refresh.

The part-time traffic signals on the roundabout will be working again by the end of December.

Phase 4 – starting early 2019

The final phase of the project will be based at Mannington Retail Park. Construction of a new merging on-slip lane from the retail park onto Great Western Way will reduce the volume of traffic leaving the retail park at Wootton Bassett Road and entering Mannington Roundabout. Within the retail park itself, Telford Way will be widened and new traffic signs will be provided, to make the internal flow much simpler and more effective.

The speed limit will be reduced to 40mph for traffic heading westbound from Mannington towards Blagrove, to a point just past the retail park. We will also provide a new system of street lighting in this area. The speed limit will be reduced to 50mph for eastbound traffic approaching Mannington from Blagrove. These changes seek to reduce the number of road traffic accidents in this area.

Supporting documents

Information outlining the different phases of the project can be found in the following documents:

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