Restrictions on traffic movement

The council has powers to introduce requirements, restrictions and prohibitions on the movement of traffic in general or on specific types of vehicle.

These may include:

  • 'Stop' and 'Give Way' signs
  • compulsory and prohibited turns
  • prohibition of traffic, including weight limits
  • speed limits
  • bus lanes and bus gates
  • cycle facilities

Restrictions or prohibitions on traffic movements may be introduced for the purposes of addressing road safety concerns at a specific location, such as prohibiting U-turns on dual carriageways. Other restrictions or prohibitions may be imposed to manage vehicle movements around the highway network. Requests can be considered but must have the support of the wider community, not just an individual or small group of individuals.

Substantial costs (approx. £5,000), time and resources can be incurred when processing a proposal if a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required. In order for a request to progress to a proposal it must initially be supported by the local councillors concerned and thereafter a significant majority of residents or businesses likely to be affected by it must have demonstrated their support. It must also be in accord with the Council's wider objectives.

Most restrictions, but not all, require the introduction of a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). This needs to follow a statutory process which requires consultation with all affected parties, including:

  • local residents
  • local businesses
  • community groups
  • ward councillors
  • emergency services
  • public service operators
  • motoring organisations
  • haulage associations

If you are aware of a location where you feel controls of the type listed above may be required, please contact your local Ward Councillors to discuss the matter further.

If the control requested is considered appropriate, there is a three stage process to be followed. Please see the Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) webpage for further details.

All restrictions and prohibitions on traffic movements listed here are enforced by the police with bus lanes and bus gates also being enforced by Swindon Borough Council's own enforcement cameras.

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