Keeping traffic moving

We are committed to ensuring the safe and efficient movement of all traffic, including pedestrians, on every part of our highway network to which the public has access.

We use traffic surveys to monitor traffic flows and have systems and staff in place to manage planned events such as road works as well as emergency plans to help deal with unexpected incidents. Analytical traffic models are used to predict the effect of increased traffic due to the increases in car ownership and new housing develops for example.

However, we remain sensitive to sudden changes in traffic flows caused by bad weather, vehicle breakdowns and collisions including any that affect other networks, especially the M4 and the A419 trunk roads.

Approaches to keeping traffic moving 

The three approaches are as follows:


Swindon Borough Council's highways and transport group deliver a wide range of initiatives to encourage and help people plan how to reduce their dependence on the car, especially for peak hour journeys.  Walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing and simply travelling at a different time, can all help to keep traffic to a level that the existing network can cope with.


Where there is a need and finances are available, highway improvement schemes such as changing the alignment of the road, improving signing or providing road markings can help reduce delays.


Enforcement may be used to manage the delays caused by parking and loading or unloading on key roads during peak hours and by giving priority to public transport at bus gates and on bus lanes. If you have any concerns about a particular road or junction where delays occur each day on the network, contact your local Ward Councillor

Further information

The information on the Transport Strategy webpages may also be helpful in relation to planned highway improvements and traffic flow.

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