Minor highways improvements

The Traffic Management and Road Safety team are responsible for responding to requests for minor highways projects across Swindon that deliver improvements to road safety or congestion management.

This could include traffic signs, road markings, changes to speed limits, parking controls or restrictions on movement, pedestrian crossings and bollards.

More detailed information on where and how such improvements are appropriate is available on the dedicated subject pages.

If changes to the highway are appropriate within legislative boundaries and the Council’s established administrative practices and processes, requests for changes may be raised with local Ward Councillors.

The Council receives many requests for minor changes on the highway and therefore has to make decisions on where to invest its resources. This means it is not always possible to make the changes that residents feel are needed.

Requests for changes will be prioritised for investment based on whether they:

  • address evidenced road safety concerns or help to reduce congestion
  • offer a benefit to the wider community (not just individuals)
  • are supported by the majority of residents and businesses likely to be affected

Every year a priority list of changes to be undertaken in the next 12 to18 months is identified  in the Minor Works Programme.

Sites are prioritised for inclusion in this programme through a bi-annual (Spring and Autumn) review of the requests raised by local Ward Councillors.

If you feel that changes are required to the highway in your area, your first point of contact should be your local Ward Councillors.

Any evidence you can provide that outlines the reasons for promoting the change and demonstrates that others share your views, will help in the effective prioritisation of your request.

If Ward Councillors are not supportive, then it would be very difficult for requests to be prioritised and you should not contact us.

If they are supportive they will contact us and let us know the extent of community support for change.

Ward Councillors will be advised whether requests can be taken further for consideration in the next bi-annual review (Spring and Autumn). Ward Councillors will also be informed of the outcome of the bi-annual review and whether requests have been prioritised for inclusion in the Minor Works Programme.

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