About the New Eastern Villages (NEV)

The New Eastern Villages (NEV) is the largest strategic allocation within the adopted Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026, comprising about 8,000 homes, 40 hectares of employment, a new secondary school and primary schools, transport improvements, and retail, health, community and leisure facilities.

The area was initially identified as the most sustainable location for a large scale mixed-use development with potential for up to 12,000 homes to comply with the Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West.

In line with the overall reduction in the housing requirement in the Borough as a whole, a lower level of development is included in the adopted Swindon Local Plan (March 2015) which is more deliverable in the period to 2026, and better reflects local views gathered during extensive consultation over a number of years.

The NEV is designed to be of significant scale to deliver essential shared infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of development and to maximise benefits for both the new and existing communities. The District Centre and new secondary school will be particularly important in establishing a sense of place, and reducing pressures on existing facilities in Swindon.

NEV Illustrative Masterplan

The Illustrative Masterplan is informed by Local Plan Policy requirements and broadly sets out the form of development to deliver sustainable housing and economic growth.  The Masterplan identifies:

  • suitable locations for housing, commercial and mixed-use development in line with the adopted Local Plan
  • opportunities to improve and provide new open spaces and recreational areas
  • new education facilities
  • health care and other community facilities
  • proposed transport links and associated infrastructure
  • a safeguarded route for the Wilts & Berks Canal

A downloadable copy of the NEV Illustrative Masterplan can be found below:

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