Local development orders

Current local development orders

Local development orders in support of a low carbon Swindon

The Council has prepared Low Carbon Local Development Orders covering the following elements:

  1. Non-domestic air source heat pumps and district heating installations (this LDO applies Borough wide)
  2. Hydrogen and electric car fuelling installations (this LDO applies on multiple sites)
  3. Pre-identified sites for solar arrays and solar farms (this LDO applies on multiple sites)

Please use the application form below to submit the reserved matters and any additional information required to discharge the Conditions of Local Development Order 3.

Local development orders for employment sites

Local Development Orders (LDOs) are being prepared at suitable employment sites throughout Swindon Borough to support businesses growth. The LDOs relax certain planning controls in these areas.

The following employment areas currently benefit from having adopted LDOs:

To take advantage of the relaxed planning controls allowed by the LDOs, you will need to submit a Self Certification Form (PDF) where your development is for any of the following:

  • You are seeking to provide additional floorspace
  • Your development would lead to a loss of parking spaces
  • Your development lies in a “noise protection area” or
  • Your development would lead to a change in drainage arrangements

Written confirmation that your development complies, will be provided by the Council in the form of a Certificate of Lawfulness.

Local development order for Victoria Road

An LDO has been prepared for the Victoria Road area to complement the redevelopment scheme being advanced at the College Site in helping deliver the regeneration of the wider Victoria Road/Regent Circus area.

The Victoria Road LDO has been amended to extend its lifespan to March 2019.

The LDO allows changes between this range of use classes without the need for planning permission (subject to conditions):

  • A1: Shops
  • A2: Financial and professional services
  • A3: Restaurants and cafes
  • C1: Hotels
  • C2: Residential Institutions
  • C3: Dwelling Houses
  • B1: Business
  • D1: Non-residential institutions

These accompanying documents are available to download:

To complement the Victoria Road LDO, Swindon Borough Council has teamed up with the Wiltshire Probation Trust to deliver environmental improvements in the area. Some of the tasks that the Probation Trust is undertaking are detailed in the following document:

Local development orders to deliver assisted living bungalows

The Council has adopted Local Development Orders to help deliver assisted living bungalows on the following sites:

  • Land at end of Linden Avenue/Sycamore Grove, Pinehurst
  • Land behind Bembridge Close/Beaufort Green, Park North

The Local Development Orders are available to download below:

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