Data protection and CIL

As a result of the Law Society’s introduction of Community Infrastructure Levy related questions on CON29 Land Charges Search documentation, with effect from Friday, 1 July 2016, the Council has made a decision to make all key CIL documents a matter of public record to be published under the relevant planning reference number to which they relate. This will include the following forms and accompanying documentation requirements, and the Council’s responses to those documents and also the Council’s directly produced CIL documents:

  • CIL Assumption of Liability Form
  • Withdrawal of Liability Form
  • CIL Transfer of Assumed Liability Form
  • Claiming Exemption or Relief Form ( covering Charitable Relief, Social Housing Relief & Exceptional Circumstances Relief)
  • CIL Notice of Chargeable Development
  • CIL Commencement Notices;
  • CIL Self-Build Exemption Forms Parts 1 & 2
  • CIL Self-Build Residential Annex Exemption Claim Forms
  • CIL Self Build Residential Extension Claim Form
  • CIL Liability Notice (If superseded only the most up to date will appear)
  • CIL Demand Notice (if superseded only the most up to date will appear)
  • CIL Confirmation of payment letter

To review the published CIL information, go to the Public Access website and search using the relevant application reference number to open the specific application. Under the ‘Documents’ tab the relevant published CIL documents should be easily identifiable on one of the pages of documents. Once the CIL Document PDF is open, this can be downloaded and stored if required. The Public Access website will be the only location where the most up-to-date CIL documents can be found. Some CIL documents can be superseded, so where it is appropriate to do so, previously published documents that can be removed from the website will be.

How information about you will be used

For documents submitted to the Council, the breadth of personal information contained within a document reflects the Governments requirements on completing it in each case. This will include personal information protected under the Data Protection Act 1998. The breadth of personal information contained within each document produced by the Council and subsequently published, reflects the duty of the Council in meeting its legal obligations in complying with the requirements of the Town & Country Planning Community Infrastructure Levy (England and Wales) Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (SI 2010 No. 948) as amended. In publishing any of these documents, any personal information such as telephone numbers and email addresses will be redacted prior to publication.

From Friday, 1 July 2016 onward, all relevant CIL documents produced by the Council will contain a data protection statement notifying the recipient of the documents intended publication. The Council’s publication requirement will however also apply retrospectively to any relevant CIL documents received by, and produced by the Council since it started CIL charging on 6 April 2015.

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