Forthcoming elections

Change to SBC election cycle from Thursday, 7 May 2026

Swindon Borough Council unanimously resolved on Thursday, 12 October 2023 to move to whole council elections from May 2026.

Further information is available to view in the explanatory document (PDF).

Borough and Police and Crime Commissioner elections – Thursday, 2 May 2024

It is a legal requirement to present photo ID to be able to vote at these elections. Find out more on what photo identification is valid.

Elections are scheduled for the following:

The Police and Crime Commissioner election is overseen by Wiltshire Council, and any prospective candidates and agents should email for further information.

Postal vote handling and secrecy

From May 2024, there are changes to the way postal votes are handled:

  • Political campaigners are not allowed to handle postal packs. The only exception to this is if the postal vote is their own, or belongs to a close family member or someone they provide regular care for.
  • You will only be allowed to hand in a maximum of 5 postal ballot packs at Polling Stations and the civic office. This is in addition to your own.
  • If you hand postal votes at Polling Stations or at the Civic Offices, you will need to complete a declaration form. You can no longer use the postal boxes at Council Offices.

Find your polling station


Referendums and petitions 2024

The Local Government Act 2000 requires the Council to publish a notice which sets out the minimum number of signatures which would be needed to support a valid petition requiring the Council to hold a referendum on whether the borough should change to a different form of governance. This applies to petitions to the Council, submitted between 1 April 2024 and 31 March 2025.

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