School admission arrangements

Admission arrangements 2021-22

We have consulted and determined upon our admission arrangements for the normal point of entry (Reception, Year 3 and Year 7) for admission for pupils for 2021-22. These are applicable to all schools in Swindon. We have also consulted and determined the admission arrangements (including the published admissions numbers and catchment areas), for our Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools for which we are the admission authority. The In-Year Coordinated Scheme for 2021-22 has also been consulted and determined.

Please note: Some schools have opted out of the In-Year Scheme from 2021-22 and these are listed in Section 5 of the document below.

Full details of the policies are contained in a series of downloadable documents below:

Individual school policies

Schools which are their own admitting authorities, are responsible for their own admissions policy and catchment area if they have one. Parents can access these policies and supplementary forms via the schools own website.

See the Schools Contact Directory for relevant information.


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