Changing or transferring to a Swindon school

Make your application

You must make an in-year application online. There is no other method for making an application.

If a school you are applying for requires a supplementary form or a Baptismal Certificate, you must submit this directly to the school.

Before you make your application you should:

If you’re applying because you’re moving home:

You need to provide proof of a confirmed address (in the form of a signed tenancy agreement or solicitor’s letter confirming exchange of contracts). If you don’t have this, we will consider your application using your current address. As soon as you have proof, you should send this to us. If we are unable to offer any of your preferences, we cannot offer an alternative school until you have provided proof of a Swindon address.

Apply for an in-year school place

You can only apply for schools in Swindon Borough Council's area. You cannot use this system to apply for in year transfers to schools in another authority or for the following schools:

  • St Joseph’s Catholic College
  • Holy Family Catholic Primary School
  • St Catherines Catholic Primary School
  • St Marys Catholic Primary School
  • Holy Rood Catholic Primary School
  • Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

You will need to contact the relevant authority or the schools above directly for an in year transfer.

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