Green light to housing programme

Why have I been referred to this?

If your affordability check shows that within your current circumstances you are unlikely to be able to afford a tenancy with the council or housing associations, you will be contacted to discuss this with a Tenant Academy Officer to see what your next steps could be to help you be successful in the future.

What happens now I have been referred to this programme?

You will be contacted by a Tenant Academy Officer who will help you to review your current financial situation and discuss further actions to help you pass the affordability check in the future.

This could mean you receive support with either:

  • training and getting into work
  • reducing your outgoings
  • debt management advice
  • or ensuring you are receiving the correct benefits that you are entitled to

What happens to my housing application?

If you work with the Green Light to Housing programme, you will not lose your time on the waiting list and therefore when you are able to afford a tenancy with the council, you will be allowed to bid again.

Please note: your application will need to be reviewed again at offer stage if you have had any changes in your household circumstances. 

What happens if I do not want to be a part of this programme?

If you choose not to take part in the programme and are not able to demonstrate within 3 months that your financial circumstances have improved your housing application will be closed.

Keep in mind that all applicants will need to pass the affordability check before they are able to secure a property with the council.

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