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Find out about the Green Light to Housing programme

The Green Light to Housing programme has been set up in Swindon and other areas across the country to ensure that those moving into Affordable Housing are able to afford and maintain their tenancies without falling into rent arrears.

Applicants coming first for properties on Swindon Homebid will need to complete an affordability check to make sure they can afford the property they are applying for. If an applicant fails the affordability check they will be supported by the Tenant Academy in finding a solution where possible, so that they are able to afford council (affordable) housing in the future. 

How does the affordability check work?

The affordability check calculates all costs of running a tenancy; including rent, Council Tax, and other expenses that you will have to pay for such as food and clothing. 

The affordability calculator is used to determine each families financial circumstances based on their current income and out-goings, the family size, and the size of property they are looking to move to.

The basic cost of living has been based on the Helena Partnerships report, ‘The Cost of Running a Home’, taken from Under One Roof website. All figures given are estimates and by way of illustration only. The figures will vary depending on your personal circumstances.

Who will need these affordability checks?

Those who have been offered or are close to being successful for a property through Swindon Homebid, will need to go through the affordability checks, along with other verification checks, before they are offered the property.

Applicants aged 60 and over or those eligible for sheltered housing will not be affected. 

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