Apply for the 'Work to Move' scheme

The 'Work to Move' scheme allows families living in a council flat or maisonette to make an application to move into a council house. 

To be eligible, you need to:

  • be a Swindon Borough Council tenant or joint tenant living in a 2 or 3-bedroom flat or maisonette
  • be working for 16 hours or more weekly and have done so continuously for at least one year
  • have lived in the flat for a minimum of two years and have a secure tenancy
  • have been a tenant or joint tenant in the flat for at least one year
  • have dependent children who are under 18 years old and live in the flat full time
  • have no record of anti-social behaviour
  • have a clear rent account and have done so for the last three months. The rent account need to remain clear throughout the duration of the application, while the applicant awaits the move.
  • should not receive the full Housing Benefit

Apply for 'Work to Move'

You do not need to register or login to start a new application.

Your application will be saved as you complete it, this can be retrieved from the same link above at any time before final submission. In order to retrieve this you will need your surname, date of birth and National Insurance number.

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