Pre-school playgroup for children that have special needs

Koalas is a pre-school playgroup for children with special needs. It provides the opportunity for these children to play and develop in space that is set up to educate and stimulate.

Within the group, a 'key person' will work in partnership with parents to plan for the next steps in the child’s development.

Parents and carers will receive support, information and advice from staff and other parents. A Parent Room will also provide a 'respite' area.

Koalas is a registered charity - number 298541.

Who the service is for

This service is for children up to the age of 4 years and 11 months who have: 

  • special educational needs or learning difficulties, and/or  
  • physical or mental disabilities

Who can request this service

Children may be referred to this service by their parents or guardians. They may also be referred from a practitioner or agency. 

How to access this service

You can ask for a Request for Service from by contacting us at: 

Next steps

We will contact you once we have received your application. We will advise you whether or not your child has been put on the waiting list to join a group. We will aim to do this within 14 days. 

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