Educational welfare services

The Educational Welfare Service aims to ensure all school aged children go to school on a regular basis. This means giving information, advice and guidance on welfare matters that may have an affect on a child's attendance. The service works together with the child's family to identify a way to support the child. This will depend on the childs needs and the reasons for their absence.

What does the service cover?

The service supports the education of all statutory aged children. A child is required to be in receipt of an education from the term following their 5th birthday, through to Year 11.

The service is for:

  • school staff in relation to attendance and absence issues
  • parents or carers where home education is being considered
  • parents or carers for licences to perform, or for work permits

Children missing education

This service looks at the reasons for children missing school. We are advised by a school when a child has not attended for a series of 10 days.

Elective home education

Parents or carers who decide to educate their children at home, should initially contact us. For further information, visit the Home Schooling webpage.

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