Educational welfare services

Education Welfare Service (EWS) will work closely with schools, parents, carers and children who are experiencing difficulties in attending school. The Education Welfare Service will support schools in improving and maintaining high levels of school attendance for all pupils, leading to increased attainment. The service supports the education of all statutory aged children. A child is required to be in receipt of an education from the term following their 5th birthday, through to Year 11.

What does the service cover?

The service supports the education of all statutory aged children and is for:

  • providing guidance to school staff in relation to attendance and absence issues
  • children missing education
  • elective home education
  • child entertainment, employment and chaperones. EWS will issue and monitor child work permits, chaperone licences and performance licences.
  • child absence enquiries

Contact information

Please go to Education welfare further information page for contact details.

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