Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse support for children and young people

U-turn is a specialist service that provides support, help and guidance to young people and their families, who have alcohol and/or drug-related problems. The service encompasses all illicit substances, solvents and prescribed medication but excludes the use of tobacco.

It works pro-actively in preventing drug use and providing education to children and young people. it also provides training and consultancy for professionals on how to work with young people they have concerns about, and which are related to the misuse of alcohol and substances.

All U-turn staff are skilled at cognitive-behavioural interventions, motivational interviewing and specialist prescribing. They work with young people to help them to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and drug misuse and to improve their overall health.

Who the service is for

The service provides help and support for young people, aged from 10 to 17 years of age, that live in the borough of Swindon. 

The service accepts referrals from all childcare practitioners and professionals and also encourages referrals directly from young people and their parents, guardians or carers. 

How to access the service 

You can make a referral to U-turn using the online form below:

U-turn referral form

Alternatively, contact the U-turn Substance Misuse Service:

Tel: 07766 368328

Next steps

When a young person is referred to the U-turn service, a full assessment is undertaken in relation to alcohol and substance misuse. This assessment is conducted in line with best practice and NTA (National Treatment Agency) requirements. The NTA (part of Public Health England) exists to improve the availability, capacity and effectiveness of drug treatment in England.

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