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Parking enforcement camera car

The vehicle, which went live on Monday, 27 November 2017, is seeking to address the following situations.

Firstly, residents who have purchased a resident permit are very frustrated when drivers without a valid permit, park in their spaces and there is no member of the council’s enforcement team available to attend at the time.

Image of the permit holders street sign


The car will be used as a tool to provide a better service to residents living in our resident parking zones. It will enable the team to monitor more streets in the same period of time.
The car will not automatically issue tickets as it drives through resident zones. It will identify the vehicles which do not have a valid permit. An officer will then physically check the vehicles identified before any parking tickets are issued as the driver may have a valid visitor scratch card or blue badge.

Image of the street view with road markings


Secondly, the council have been unable to provide adequate enforcement for “no stopping” zones outside of schools, where there is a real health and safety risk to children and parents.
Swindon Borough Council receive numerous complaints about how vehicles are parking with no due care and attention to the regulations in place.

Image of the parking enforcement car


The car is on a trial until May 2018 with the option to purchase at the end of the trial. This initiative is not driven by income, but to change the behaviours of drivers around school locations and in resident zones. It also supports Swindon Borough Council’s vision toward a digital way of working by making better use of IT to work effectively.


It is currently unclear how many additional parking tickets may be generated. That will be determined by the decisions taken by drivers. The maximum cost of the car and the IT equipment is £45,000 if the option to purchase is taken up so any income derived will be used to contribute to that cost.

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