Apply to hold an event or party in your street

Street parties and fetes are a traditional part of community life. They are a simple way for us to get to know our neighbours, meet members of our community as well as celebrating a very special event.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to hold these sorts of local events successfully but in doing so, we also want to ensure you take the following into account:

  • Any legal requirements such event licensing or making an application to close a road
  • Health and safety requirements such as access for emergency vehicles
  • Consideration for those nearby that may not be part of your community event
  • Applications must be received at least a month before the event
  • Please give consideration to the nature of the road you are thinking of closing. For example, is it a through route or is it a bus route? We would encourage the closure of residential roads rather than a main road or a bus route.
  • If the road is a through road you will need to think about alternative/diversion routes and signage to redirect traffic.
  • If the road you wish to close is not an adopted public highway you will have to seek authorisation from the local land owner or frontages.

Detailed information and key considerations for street party organisers are included in the following document:

Consulting your neighbours

As you organise the street party event, you will of course want to consult formally with your neighbours. To help you get started, we have drafted a Residents Consultation Letter which you may wish to consider using or adapting.

Apply to close a road

If you want to close a road in order to hold the street party you must make a formal application to us to do so. The application form is available to download below:


The Council will usually waive all charges associated with a road closure.

Event licensing

In some circumstances it might be necessary for you to Apply for a Temporary Event Notice.

Further information and advice

You can find further information and advice at the following websites:

Alternatively, contact the following:

Street Works
Swindon Borough Council
3rd Floor, Wat Tyler House (West)
Beckhampton Street

Tel: 01793 466380

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