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Planning applications and biodiversity net gain

From 12 February 2024, it is mandatory that applicable planning applications deliver a minimum of 10% biodiversity net gain.

For small sites, this requirement will be introduced on 2 April 2024.

For further information please see the biodiversity net gain page.

Before you apply, it is important you have all the relevant information:

Plans, drawings and documents

For professional assistance in submitting an application, see the Partner Agent List or go to the Planning Portal - Buy a planning map website.

Once you have the necessary information you can start an application. If you need more help, you can learn how to apply at the Planning Portal website.

You are advised to view pre-application advice before submitting an application.

If you are submitting a major application, see the planning performance agreement page. We recommend you consider using this option as a way of giving you more certainty of service deliver in the planning process for your development.

Start a planning application online

Benefits of applying online:

  • Save your application and return to it later
  • Submit your application online at any time
  • No postal delays or printing costs
  • Immediate delivery and confirmation
  • Pay the fee online
  • Supporting documents and plans can be attached
  • Secure, online record and audit trail of all your applications

Once your application has been submitted, it will go through the validation process and once valid it will be allocated to a planning officer who will assess the suitability of your proposal and issues such as the effect on the local area, the environment and other people and properties.

We will charge 10% of the expected full planning application fee on the return of invalid planning applications.

Most decisions will be made within eight weeks however, more complex applications may take longer. Procedures for determining planning applications are set out in the following document:

Paper application forms are available from the Planning Portal website: Planning Portal website - Paper applications forms.

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