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What you need to do

Swindon Borough Council’s Data Protection Officer is responsible for dealing with all formal requests for access to personal information, but you can express an interest to see your personal information to any council officer or direct to the Data Protection Officer.  The council officer will give you the information and forms that you require to make an application and provide you with any further assistance that you may need. 

You will need to make the request in writing by fax, e-mail or letter. Please remember to make it clear to whoever you are writing, that you are making a request to see your personal information. This will help us to ensure that we act on your request and follow the appropriate procedures. If you are unable, or do not wish, to make a request yourself, you can ask someone else (an 'agent') to do this on your behalf, e.g.: your parent or solicitor.

Swindon Borough Council will make a charge of £10 for each application. You will need to send this to the Data Protection Officer when you return your completed form, otherwise they will be unable to process your application. 

What happens next 

When we have received your request we will send or give you, or the person acting on your behalf (your agent): 

  • A copy of the leaflet 'Access to Your Personal Information' 
  • A letter acknowledging your initial enquiry (within seven days of receipt) 
  • A form (or forms if you have an agent) for you to complete and return, which will help us to identify and locate the personal data that you wish to see. 

From the receipt of your formal request by the Data Protection Officer we have a maximum of 40 days to provide you with the information that you have asked for. The extent and nature of the personal information that we keep will to some extent determine how long it will take, particularly if we have to try to obtain consent from a number of different individuals. We will, however, make every attempt to provide information as quickly as possible.    

Download the forms 

Both forms are as downloadable pdf files: 

Please send the completed form, the proof of ID and a cheque for £10 made payable to 'Swindon Borough Council.    

Data Protection Officer
Swindon Borough Council
Civic Offices
Euclid Street

Your application will need to be made on the Application for Subject Access form. If you have appointed an agent to act on your behalf, then you will also need sign the completed forms and to complete the agent authorisation form. Both forms are available from the Data Protection Officer (please see: Contact the Data Protection Officer).

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