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Our Annual Statement of Accounts for the financial year are approved as a draft by the Corporate Director of Finance and Assets, being the relevant financial officer. The draft was approved on the 1 June 2022.

The final version is agreed by the Audit Committee, being the designated Committee, after external audit review. The statutory deadline for this will be by the 30 November for 2021/22 accounts.

Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd have made the appointment of Grant Thornton (UK) LLP to audit the accounts of Swindon Borough Council for five years from 2018/19.

The annual accounts provide information on the Council's income and expenditure during the year and balances at the year end. They are prepared in accordance with the accounting practice that applies to all local authorities.

The Council’s 2020/21 Statement of Accounts were authorised for issue on Wednesday, 3 November 2021, however, the certificate of conclusion of the audit is delayed until the Value for Money and Government’s Whole of Government Accounts process is concluded and related assurances completed. They can be found in the previous year’s accounts section below.

The draft statement of accounts for 2021/22 and other related documents can be downloaded below:

The external audit of the draft annual accounts remains in progress. The following notice explains the position of the audit and the impact on the publication date of the final audit statements:

Previous years' accounts

You can view previous year's accounts in our annual accounts download.

Annual audit letters and reports

The annual audit and inspection letter summarises the conclusions of the council's external auditors and any significant issues arising from their recent audits and inspections.

You can view recent annual audit letters and reports in our financial audit reports download.

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