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How long will my application take?

Local authorities should determine an application for an A2 installation and for all Part B installations (except dry cleaners) within 4 months of the application being “duly made”, that is when a complete and appropriate application has been made.

The permit application will not be duly made if:

  • It has not been submitted on the correct form
  • It does not adequately address a key point in the application
  • The relevant fee does not accompany the permit application

The determination period within which the application should be decided does not begin until the application has been duly made. The Council aims to decide that an application is duly made within 10 working days of its receipt of the application.

This time period of 4 months does not include any time taken for the request for additional information.

The time frame for dry cleaners is 3 months.

We will confirm that we have received your application. Please contact us via the How to Apply webpage, if you have any queries.

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