Find out about environmental permits

How to apply

Please contact the Council for an application form. Applications must be made on the form provided by the Council and must include the specified information which will vary depending on the operation. A fee may be payable and must accompany the application. 

If further information is required, the applicant will be notified by the Council. They must provide this information or the application will be deemed to be withdrawn.

The application must be from the operator of the regulated facility.

How to apply for a variation to an existing environmental permit

You need to tell the Council when there are changes to the activities permitted by your permit. This might include for example changes to the equipment used, the location within the premises that the permitted activity is carried out or a substantial increase in production or outputs. 

Normally there is no fee charged for variations to permits, but “substantial change”, which will incur a fee is defined as “A change in operation which in the opinion of the Council may have significant effects on human beings or the environment”.

Where a variation is required, you must inform the Council in writing in advance of the proposed change so that the Council can check if the change is authorised by your environmental permit.

If you are in doubt whether you should inform the Council, please contact the Pollution Control Officer to discuss.

How to apply to transfer an environmental permit

Sometimes businesses transfer between operators. The Environmental Permitting Regulations allow permits to be transferred between operators whilst the permitted activity remains at the same location. 

Before an environmental permit can be wholly or partially transferred to another person, a joint application to transfer the environmental permit has to be made by both the existing and proposed permit holders. New operators must have the appropriate competence to run the permitted activity in compliance with the conditions of the existing permit.

Where to apply

Pollution Control Officer
Public Protection
Swindon Borough Council
5th Floor Wat Tyler House, 
Beckhampton Street 
Swindon SN1 2JG

Email: (available during normal working hours).

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