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An upgrade of the corporate finance system is taking place from 21 to 23 May 2018. Customers experiencing problems paying for goods/ services over this period should contact the relevant service team.

Get an e-book or audio book

If you are using BorrowBox for the first time, you will need to ensure:

eBooks and eAudio books system

If you already have a BorrowBox account and are a library member, you will be taken straight to the main page. You can download eAudiobooks and eBooks on your tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac however, you will need to download the BorrowBox app from either the iPhone App Store, Google Play Store or install BorrowBox on a kindle fire in order to read them on your smartphone or tablet.

Access Borrowbox by using the following button:

BorrowBox eBooks & eAudiobooks online system

Please note - if you have been using Overdrive you must unauthorise your Adobe Digital Editions before using Borrowbox (use the Help option and then click Unauthorise) 

How to borrow and download an eBook

  • Select the link above
  • Sign into 'My account' using your borrower number (Swindon library card number) and PIN
  • Click 'Sign-in'
  • Browse eBooks - you can browse through a selection of categories to find titles you might enjoy
  • Select an eBook by choosing 'Borrow'
  • Confirm eBook loan' - a loan confirmation will be sent to your email address.

How to borrow and download an eAudiobook

  • Browse eAudiobooks - you can browse through a selection of categories to find titles you might enjoy
  • Select an eAudiobook by choosing 'Borrow'
  • Click 'Confirm eAudiobook loan' - a loan confirmation will be sent to your email address

BorrowBox works with following systems 

  • BorrowBox is compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • No software needs to be installed for BorrowBox eAudiobooks as it works with software you already have on your device. Simply import your eAudiobook downloads to iTunes or Windows Media Player on your home computer and transfer them to your MP3 player 
  • All BorrowBox eBooks are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions - gaining access to this software is free and provides an easy to use interface for reading eBooks on PC and Mac and also for transferring eBooks to eReaders
  • It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers - all BorrowBox files are MP3 format and therefore compatible with all operating systems.
  • eBooks can be transferred to all eReaders via Adobe Digital Editions (except regular Kindle) and can be enjoyed on PC and Mac as well

Further information

Access BorrowBox eBooks & eAudiobooks login with your library card number and your PIN using the online button above. Go to Help for general guidance or My Account, choose Send Feedback, complete and post.

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